Lemon Verbena Hand Wash!

This luxurious hand wash contains gentle natural cleansers and conditioners that clean hands without over-drying. Lush Verbena, zesty Lemon Peel and warm Frankincense uplift and nourish the skin and the senses.

Indigenous to South America and brought to Europe for the perfume industry in the 16th century, Verbena developed a loyal following due to its bright, energizing citrus aroma.

KEY INGREDIENTS:Lemon Verbena Flower/Leaf Oil

  • A deciduous perennial shrub native to Chile, the essential oil is extracted from the freshly harvested leaves by steam distillation and has a sweet, fresh aroma.
  • It contains uplifting qualities that calm the mind and body and soothe anxiety
  • Research suggests it helps calm anxiety or depression and is generally regarded as a sedative herb to relieve tension or reduce stress.


  • The building block of all fats and oils, Glycerin is an excellent humectant and moisturizer.
  • Regulates the absorption and release of water in the skin.
  • Eliminates bacteria and helps improve skin structure.


  • Derived from Coconut and fruit sugars, mild surfactant that improves viscosity and foaming attributes.
  • Known to exhibit excellence cleansing characteristics while enhancing lipid layers and conditioning and moisturizing the skin.

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