PERK Facial Skin Care

Perk Facial

PERK™ Skin Care

Salus is proud and excited to introduce PERK facial skin care services to our menu. PERK offers a face, an eye, and a lip service. Perk™ is the worlds 1st hybrid skin system that merges in-office exfoliation with take-home products to extend the benefits. You will receive immediate results with no downtime, and the added benefit of take-home products, as well as a bonus “perk,” to last until your next monthly PERK facial treatment.

The machine uses a gentle vacuum to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, debris, and oil from the skin while the serum vial has a patented rollerball technology to help the serums penetrate deeper into the skin. It will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth, rejuvenated, and amazing.

PERK: Cleanse with Benefits.

Face: $49
Eye: $39
Lip: $29

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