Add-On Massage Options

Massage Options

Dry Brush

Dry brushing of the skin is a simple way to improve overall health. The skin is responsible for much of the detoxification the body performs each day and is one of the first places to show signs of ill health. Dry brush exfoliation will increase circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system & oil glands, while eliminating dry skin by removing the top layer of dead cells, helping the body to better release toxins. The treatment is generally performed in the upper and lower limbs & back but can be tailored to your preferences and comfort. At the end of the treatment, an all natural oil is applied to leave you moisturized without adding toxins back to the body.
Add to any massage for just $33!

Hot Stones/Hot Bamboo

Add hot stones or bamboo massage options to any treatment for that extra relaxing sensation and added warmth. This direct heat relaxes the muscles, which means that the massage itself is more effective and intense than it would be otherwise. The warmth of the hot stones also helps improve circulation and calm the nervous system. The size of the stones varies, according to which part of the body they’re being used on.
Add to any massage for just $10!
*** A 1-hour minimum notice is required for all hot stone treatments. We need time to properly heat the stones.

Massage Options

Castor Oil Heat Pack

Castor oil is a great way to boost massage therapy benefits. It helps break up unwanted scar tissue and adhesion in the muscles faster than what can be done by hand, & is also a great way to draw toxins from the muscles. Castor oil is applied to the affected area and covered with a strong moist heating pad to help open the pores and let the oil soak into the skin.
Add to any massage for just $10!


Paraffin is a warm wax used on hands, feet or elbows t help sore, arthritic joints and repetitive use injuries. These massage options also help remove dry dead skin and leave it incredibly soft with its nourishing oils.

Hands $6-8
Feet $12-16
Hands & Feet $18-20
Elbows $4-5

Body Polish

This gentle, creamy exfoliating polish combines bright citrus notes of Lemon Verbena with the delicate sweet floral essence of Lavender to smooth and hydrate the skin. Lemon Verbena is a perennial shrub native to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. It has a sweet, euphoric Lemon bouquet. Jojoba beads gently removes dull skin without irritation while Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Oat Protein smooth and soften skin. 60 mins.

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