With the change of seasons, our skin has to adapt to the new weather. Winter has left our skin dry and damaged. To help you shed your winter skin, Salus is offering 20% off our Signature and Express facials & our new PERK treatments. Say goodbye to that dry, dull, winter skin and welcome clean and healthy skin.

Salus is proud and excited to introduce PERK skin care services to our menu. PERK offers a face, an eye, and a lip service. Perk™ is the world’s 1st hybridskin system that merges in-office exfoliation with take-home products to extend the benefits. You will receive immediate results with no downtime, and the added benefit of take-home products, as well as a bonus “perk,” to last until your next monthly PERK treatment.

The machine uses a gentle vacuum to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, debris, and oil from the skin while the serum vial has a patented rollerball technology to help the serums penetrate deeper into the skin. It will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth, rejuvenated, and amazing. Try PERK in April and save 20% with our Spring Skin Care Special! PERK makes a great addition to a Signature or Express facial, or try it solo.

PERK: Cleanse with Benefits.

Click here to learn more about PERK



Try one of our signature facials to really get down to your major skin concern. Each facial is tailored specifically to your skin care needs with our all natural and organic Naturopathica products. With that in mind, we do have some signature facials that serve as a great starting block. They are:

  • Clarifying Facial: for acne prone skin
  • Pure Results Facial: for oily skin
  • Sooth and Restore Facial: for dry, normal, and sensitive skin
  • Vitamin C15 Brightening Facial: for mature skin and mild pigmentation concerns
  • Wrinkle Repair Treatment Facial: for aging skin
  • Men’s Facial

Our express facial is a great way to get into better skin care. Though a shorter service (shorter massage and excludes treatment masks), it will still be able to cleanse your skin and help the skin adjust to the shifting weather.


Whether you choose a Signature, Express or PERK facial it is a good way for the esthetician to analyze your skin. This allows the esthetician to better pick out products for you to take home, so you can have a tailor made home care regiment. As always, any products that you purchase on the day of your facial will also be 20% off.

Don’t forget to schedule your 20% off facial service before the end of April!

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