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Naturopathica Service Special!

#TreatmentTuesday! Now through the end of August: All facials (signature and express) as well as our Lemon Verbena Body Polish treatments will be 20% off! Enjoy summer with glowing, fresh and clean skin! Signature and Express FacialsLemon Verbena Body...

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#MuscleMonday! These are your Triceps! Formally named Triceps Brachii, which is Latin for "three-headed arm muscle," the triceps are essentially the only muscle located on the back of your humerus (upper arm). Since this is the only muscle on the back of the arm, it...

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Saturday Stretch – Deltoid

#SaturdayStretch! Here are a couple of great stretches for the Deltoid! The first stretch is the same as we used for the Pectoralis Major. Standing in a doorway or using an external corner of a wall, place one arm out at a 90 degree angle from the shoulder and flex...

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Treatment Tuesday – Multiple Sclerosis

#TreatmentTuesday! Multiple Sclerosis and Massage Therapy! What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition characterized by inflammation and then degeneration of the myelin sheaths in the spinal cord and brain. It is currently treated as an...

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Muscle Monday – Deltoid

#MuscleMonday! This is the deltoid! The Deltoid has three parts: Anterior, Lateral, and Posterior. Anterior part of deltoid arises from most of the anterior border and upper surface of the lateral third of the clavicle. Lateral part of deltoid arises from the superior...

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Saturday Stretch – Trapezius

#SaturdayStretch! Today we look at how to stretch out the Trapezius.   Here are a few stretches you can do. 1. Place one are behind your back, then turn your head to the opposite side and bring your chin toward your chest. If you want a deeper stretch, place your free...

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Thursday Thoughts – Summer

It's officially Welcome to summer everyone! That means it is time for some relaxation and self care. Come in for a massage, facial, or body waxing! Call to schedule!...

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