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Abdominal Internal Oblique Stretch

#SaturdayStretch! Lets start stretching for the Internal Obliques! One great stretch for the Internal Oblique is the over head lateral bend, which we did last week for the External Oblique. While standing raise one arm up and over your head as you lean to the opposite...

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Rainbow Fun Facts

#FunFactFriday! Here are some things you may not have known about rainbows. No two people see the same rainbow, in fact even our individual eyes see slightly different rainbows. If someone appears to be standing under a rainbow you can see, they will see a different...

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Thursday Thoughts – Rainbows

#ThursdayThoughts! "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow." Everyone has a rough day every now and then. So when the storm is raging, just know that when it passes by, a beautiful rainbow will be there for you.

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Naturopathica Clearance – Now 50%

Our Skin Care products are still 50% off. Stop by and pick something out. Everything is great! This is one of Megan's (general manager/esthetican) favorite products. Great for both men and women, the Grapefruit & Fir Body Lotion is a wonderful creamy lotion that...

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New Services Announcement!

Salus is switching skin care products. We will now be using Tu'el Skincare. Click here to see a quick video displaying our new products. These products are botanical and natural, 100% vegan, and never tested on animals! Tu'el is free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens,...

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Abdominal Internal Oblique Muscle

#MuscleMonday! This is the Abdominal Internal Oblique Muscle. AKA Internal Oblique Muscles Origin: the lumbar fascia (a connective tissue that covers the lower back) the outer portion of the inguinal ligament (a ligament located on the bottom-outer edge of the pelvis)...

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External Abdominal Oblique Stretch

#SaturdayStretch! Here are some great stretches for the External Obliques! Since the external obliques has contralateral (opposite) rotation, our first stretch is a same side rotation to elongate the muscle. While seated on the floor, stretch both legs out straight in...

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A few “Bits” on Horses

#FunFactFriday! Since we shared the riddle on horses yesterday (Riddle Me This - Horses), We thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about the wonderful animal. We came across a great article from "The Fact Site" titled "30 Interesting Fats About Horses." With...

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Riddle Me This – Horses

Today's #ThursdayThought is a fun little riddle. Can you solve it? A multimillionaire is old and must will his fortune to one of his two sons. He makes a proposition. His two sons will ride their horses in a race, and whichever horse crosses the finish line LAST will...

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Get it While You Can!

#WishlistWednesday! With this Summer Product Clearance Sale, we have a limited supply. Come in to Salus on your way home to or from work and pick something up. Treat yourself, or a loved one, and save 30% on the products on the shelf. Get it before it is gone!...

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Lemon Verbena Body Polish Special

#TreatmentTuesday! Lemon Verbena Body Polish! Still 20% off until the end of the month! Come in to try it out. This deeply nourishing body polish leaves skin radiant and spirits lifted. Bright citrus notes of Lemon Verbena and gentle buffing grains are blended with...

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