Our Story

Karyn and Miranda have been working together since December of 2003. They worked in the same office but as independent companies, Jenison Clinical Massage Therapy and Massage For Health, respectively. In 2008 they got the opportunity of a lifetime. They started to make plans to partner together and create a larger company. In 2009 that became a reality. They moved from Jenison into Grandville and created Salus Massage Therapy. The name Salus comes from Salus, Roman representation of health, well-being, and general welfare of the public. The name fit perfectly with the way they wanted to portray and advertise the company. Karyn and Miranda have always had the mind set, and business motto, to keep massage therapy an affordable alternative therapy option, primarily catering to those with chronic pain problems and sports related injuries.

Since the original leap of faith into their new building, the staff has grown every year. In 2012 they started a second expansion, adding more treatment rooms and treatment options to the existing office space. This project would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the amazing talent of their massage therapists and hardworking reception staff.

The owners hope that the story does not end here. They will continue to strive to provide the best service possible to all who come to Salus Massage Therapy. They want everyone to experience the joy, relaxation, and all the health benefits that come along with massage therapy at an affordable price, in a relaxing atmosphere, and with top notch service.

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