Massage Therapy Treatments

Massage Therapy Grand Rapids / Grandville MI

Massage Therapy Grand Rapids/Grandville, MI

Massage Therapy Grand Rapids

Massage Therapy can be done in a variety of techniques to accommodate your individual concerns, ranging in pressure and stroke from gentle and broad (Swedish) for a relaxation or therapeutic massage to deep tissue treatment with acupressure or sports massage. Our therapists will tailor your treatment specifically for you!

We specialize in clinical treatment for specific areas of concern & injury related issues, and will adjust the focus to your benefit, using a combination of styles if you prefer.

Your massage therapy experience will be based on your comfort level & needs. Simply let the massage therapist know what pressure level suits you. Open communication between you and the therapist is the key to receiving the best treatment. Please speak up and let the therapist know if the pressure needs adjustment.

Relaxation, Deep Tissue & More!

A 1-6 business hour cancellation notice is required for all appointments or our cancellation will take effect. Please see our Policies Page for more details. (1 hour for existing clients, 6 hour for new clients, couples treatments, packages, or appointments 90 mins or longer)

Regular Pricing:

30 Minute – $33
60 Minute – $66
90 Minute – $99

GMS Pricing

30 Minute – $30
60 Minute – $60
90 Minute – $90

GMS: Gold, Military, Student. Click discount for more information, or check out our discounts page.

Benefits of Massage Therapy include:
Decreases inflammation
Improves range of motion
Improves sleep, which promotes pain relief and healing
Lessens depression and anxiety
Improves circulation
Releases endorphins, which work as the body’s natural painkiller

Relieves migraine pain
Relaxes and softens injured & fatigued muscles
Promotes tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue & stretch marks
Reduces post-surgery adhesions & swelling
Helps athletes of any level prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts
Exercises & stretches week, tight, or atrophied muscles
Reduces spasms & cramping

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